GROWING GREEN: Just How Efficient Is Indoor Agriculture?

By now we’ve all seen the photos: hydroponic and aquaponic wonderlands, lush and hyper-efficient indoor acreage producing bushels of nutritious kale and strawberries.

Indoor farming is touted as the solution to overpopulation, urbanization, diminishing water supplies, and climate change – but how does it affect our grid? What technologies will make these farms as energy efficient as possible? What policy changes might be needed? Just how big, real, and imminent is this trend?

In our “Growing Green” panel on Friday October 26th, we’ll explore the energy dimensions of this complex issue. Our panel of experts will approach this issue from different angles, including medical marijuana farm design, LED light manufacturing, energy efficiency programs at grow sites, and the experience of the growers themselves.

Join us for this and other fresh, topical panels at KEEA’s 8th annual energy efficiency conference in Harrisburg on October 25th and 26th.
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Posted August 02, 2018 in: News, Uncategorized by kristin