Everything You’ve Been Dying to Know About C-PACE, PA’s Hottest New Financing Tool.

Hello from the 2018 KEEA PA Energy Efficiency Conference planning zone! We are currently putting the finishing touches on one of our first scheduled breakout sessions: a timely discussion about C-PACE, now Act 30, which was signed into law on June 12, 2018.

C-PACE is a financing tool for local governments to facilitate energy efficiency and clean energy loans; KEEA members and partners played a major role in ensuring the bill’s passage through the legislature. Nationally, half a billion dollars has been invested through C-PACE loans, and in Pennsylvania, C-PACE investment could help retrofit one of the nation’s oldest building stocks and accelerate growth in a local energy efficiency industry that already accounts for 65,000 jobs and counting.

In this panel, statewide and regional implementation experts will discuss the opportunities and benefits for various stakeholders, lessons learned from in other states, and methods to make the programs successful. This new law is generating lots of buzz and has been the subject of numerous articles and highly-shared social media campaigns. We hope you can join us on Thursday, October 25th at the Hilton Harrisburg as we explore the impact C-PACE will have on the Pennsylvania economy!

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